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Las Vegas Money Wheel - How to play this game

How to play this game

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 Las Vegas Money Wheel  Casino Lux  
Las Vegas Money Wheel
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How to play this game

To start, click on a chip denomination in the control panel and then click on bet spots in the table layout to place bets. Each left-click on a bet spot places a chip and each right-click removes a chip. If you place more than the maximum bet on any given spot, your bet will automatically be reduced to the maximum allowed. The total amount of all the bets you have on the table will be shown in the Total Bet counter..

As you mouse-over each bet spot on the table layout, text will appear at the bottom of the control panel to tell you the bet name, payout odds, amount already placed and maximum bet for that spot. For example: "$5 bet on the Joker pays 43 to 1 ($50 Max Bet)"..

Note that you do not have to bet the amount shown on the bet spots. You can bet hundreds on the $2 spot, or just $1 on the $10 spot. The spot numbers indicate what you’ll win for a $1 bet (the minimum). So, a $1 bet on the $10 spot wins $10..

When you have all your bets placed, you are ready to spin the wheel. Click Spin on the control panel. The wheel will spin up and then slowly come to a stop as the leather strap offers resistance to the pegs. When the strap settles between two pegs, the final value will appear on the Results Board on the left-hand side, winning bet spots will light up on the table, bets will be settled and the total amount paid out to you will be shown in the Message Window in the upper right..

Simply click Re-bet to replay the bets you had on the previous spin, or place new bets and click Spin for another round. Have fun and good luck!

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