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Las Vegas Money Wheel - Game Rules

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 Las Vegas Money Wheel  Casino Lux  
Las Vegas Money Wheel
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Game Rules

The Money Wheel is a large wheel mounted vertically and divided into 54 sections by evenly spaced pegs. The space between each peg has one of seven symbols (the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 21, Joker-43 and Jackpot-43). When the wheel spins, a stiff leather strap slaps against the pegs and eventually brings the wheel to a stop with the strap resting between two pegs. The number or symbol shown between those two pegs is the winning odds to a $1 bet. Bets placed on that number or symbol are paid at the indicated odds.

Players simply place bets on which number or symbol they think the strap will point to when the wheel comes to rest. The minimum bet is $1, and you can bet on as many spots as you like.

An exclusive feature of our Money Wheel is that we give you more ways to win on each spin. You can bet Against a 1, or for any high payout bet (5, 10, 21 or 43). We've segmented the 54 spots into 6 color regions, and you can bet on those, too. So, at our table, you can win three or four ways rather than just one. Plus we pay higher odds on big payout bets compared with standard 54-spot wheels.

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